New, New, New, New…

January 24, 2013


Ok, so it’s probably a little late to say that but as 2012’s new year blog post was written on the 31st January and today is only the 24th January, I figure that’s an improvement.

The year so far has started off pretty freaking terrifyingly. At the end of 2012 I decided to leave my job in a nice little fabric shop in Soho and go full time with my millinery label. This was all super exciting until the first week of January when the enormity of what I had actually done finally hit me and I had a mini panic attack. After breathing in and out of a paper bag for a while, drinking some tea and watching an episode of Columbo (Peter Falk’s voice soothes me- don’t ask), I figured I had two options:

1. Strip the house of all copper pipes, sell them to the rag and bone men then run away,

2. Make hats and sell them.

After some deliberation and realising I have no tools to extract said copper pipes-only sewing equipment – I decided to go with option 2.

Thank goodness, everything after that week has been fine and the orders have been coming in!

For the whole of January I’ve been running an online sale at Bottica.com with up to 50% off of some pieces. Sale ends on the 28th of January.

A few pieces in the sale-

acidtassel2 brocade2 hexagon1

Also at the end of last year I became a partner on the Not on the High Street.com. You can find my new Bridal collection-  by Faulkner & Carter – available to buy there.




A new website for Faulkner & Carter is in progress and we have a few shows and events planned for 2013 – I will keep you updated!

Finally, I decided that this year I needed a new logo and a new website in order to celebrate my new freelance status. The website is almost finished and will be launching soon (again I’ll keep you posted)

But for now, here is a little preview of my new logo –

test logo

A massive thank you to the super awesome Marilou Rabourdin for helping me with it.

I’m off to the studio now to work on all of the above (in between hyperventilating)  but if you do happen to need a hat or headpiece this year…you know where to come!

A-M x


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